About Your InstructorDon Forrester

Hi, I’m Don Forrester. I passed my own driving test way back in 1987 but it took me 3 attempts to get there. Since then I have become a top Driving Standards Grade A Instructor. I believe true driving experience is gained post-pass and I have certainly had many years as a driver under my belt. I worked as an engineer for 12 years but after being made redundant on several occasions and following a serious industrial accident in 2003, I decided to change career and train to be a driving instructor, whilst recovering from injuries, taking care of the home and children for 4 years.

I have been a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency instructor since June 2008 and boast a very good first time pass rate. I’m patient, reliable, honest and “normal”- a former pupil greeted me with the comment “I’m pleased you are not one of those clipboard, pencil pushing types I was dreading you’d be”- I have to confess to having a clipboard however!

I was born and bred in Great Barr, Birmingham and relocated to Ulverston in 2007 with my wife and two young children. Roadworthy Driving School was established in March 2009 and I am enjoying every minute of my career in instructing.


Don Forrester, Roadworthy Driving School, is a proud member of the Driving Instructors Association

I'm a proud member of the Driving Instructors Association