Roadworthy Tuition Guide

New Drivers  

Roadworthy pupils have access  to Theory Test ProOur courses are on a one to one basis and you will have the same instructor from start to finish. We will be guiding you through both Practical and Theory tuition.The Theory is given throughour Free!! Online support service.

The practical course will cover these following subjects and many others:

1. Cockpit drill

2. Moving off and stopping (use of mirrors/blind spots/Signals and road positioning)

3. Junctions Distance to StopStop SignGive Way SignNo Left TurnNo Right Turn

4. Crossroads Cross Roads(crossing traffic/traffic lights and road markings) Cross Hatch

5. Meeting traffic and how to give priority when dealing with Obstructions.
Give Way to oncoming vehiclesPriority over oncoming vehicles(Clearance/Anticipation and Planning)

6. Roundabouts Mini RoundaboutRoundabout

7.  Pedestrian Crossings Zebra CrossingSchool crossing patrol ahead School crossing patrol Pelican Crossing

8. Controlled stop 

9. Dual Carriageways   Dual carriageway AheadDual Carriageway ends Two-way traffic straight ahead

10. Manoeuvres: Turn in the road/Reverse left and right/Parallel Parking/Bay parking

11. Darkness

12 Weather conditions  Risk of iceSide winds

Part-trained drivers

We will help you finish your training and succeed in obtaining your licence.

Parental Driving Tuition

We all know how expensive learning to drive can be, so some people opt to be trained by family and friends. Although this may cost you less, it does it not always give you all the information you may need to pass your test.
With this service we can give you all the guidance you need for a quarter of the price.

Buddy Lessons

Why not share the cost of driving lessons and learn to drive with a family member or a friend.

Pass Plus

This is available to all drivers after passing your driving test. It consists of 6 modules:

  1. Town driving
  2. Motorway
  3. Night driving
  4. Dual carriageways
  5. Rural roads
  6. All weather Driving

Intensive Courses

We offer intensive courses to suit the individual needs whether it’s a 1week, 2week course or more.
Before starting our Intensive courses you must have passed your theory test first.
Check our prices page for the cost of the course.

Eco Driving

A 2 hour Eco driving lesson could help save money on petrol and reduce the risk of paying higher insurance rates.

Advanced Driver training

We offer driver confidence building lessons whether it is on motorway, parking or any other driving problems you may have.